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R'Club also operates the Louise Graham Regeneration Center, Inc. located in Midtown St. Petersburg. The Center provides adult day training and employment and employment skills development for low income adults with disabilities through packaging services, secure document destruction (Secure Shred), and newspaper and cardboard recycling. 47 + locations with 10 early learning academies and 40 centers in public schools in Pinellas County and 1 early learning academy in Hillsborough County. Thirty Two Elementary school centers serve children from 3 or 4 years of age through 5th grade. Seven middle school centers are 21st Century Community Learning Centers serving 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students. Services are also provided for students with special needs from 3 years of age through 22 years.

A former employee shared this in a review "Rclub Corporation Is Far The Worse Place To Have Your Child Attend And Also For Workers....I See A lot Of Young Women And Men Working As Group Leaders And Doing An Awesome Job....But For The Head Corporation To Not Acknowledge Their Workers,They Don't Even Give These Poor Workers A Raise it Bonus But EVERYONE in Corporate Office Gets Raises And Bonuses.....Which is Really Heart Breaking....I feel Very Sorry For The Workers Here And Kids"


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Teacher (Current Employee) says

"Learned great sills such as managing large groups and multitasking and patience. Job is very flexible. But underpaid for duties and mismanaged. Cons: Stressful environment and overworked and underpaid"

Assistant vpk teacher Assistant Director (Former Employee) says

"Loved working at RClub until we got a new Director that needed more trading. Was not supportive and too easy going. Many days you didn’t know if he was coming to work or not. He was unreachable by phone which got old, was more of a friend than a leader. Cons: Pay, Director"

Jacki Fausnight says

"The Key chain itself is nice and well made I was disappointed in the size of the rings! They were a lot smaller than I expected."

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